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Dominik Ganić
CEO, Softwareentwickler
I am Dominik Ganic. A passionate software developer with a lot of experience in creating Websites, Mobile Apps and Desktop Software.
Everything started at the young age of 12 years, as my brother were too lazy to write his homework on the computer and forced me to do it for him. I learned at a young age to quickly type on the keyboard and developed thus a euphoria for computer and Internet.
How did I get to programming? A little online game gave me the Inspiration to develop my own game out of it. Through a public server I got the first kick in .NET C# and built myself a future in the IT industry.
I am one of the most peaceful people you will meet. I love good contact with people and appreciate and respect everyone. As a pure optimist with a small megalomaniac I work disciplined on my projects.
In June 2018, I registered my company eliteCode. Since then we have been developing everything from private community projects to customer orders.
The decision to go this way was clear. I regret nothing.
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Henrik Thien